Hoonar Tekwurks - is founded by seasoned industry professionals having joint experience of over 45 years with the vision to be the “best in class” system integration and data centric professional consultancy firm. Hoonar pronounced as "Hu - Nær" means skill, craft in a trade or art. The firm is focused on providing world class solutions and data integration capability for business analytics and optimization. The company works on market leading Ab>Initio® platform with a depth of expertise from years of successful deployment and close collaboration with vendor. The company aims to be trusted partner for its customers and employees growing on the foundation of deep relationships. In the crowded market place we differentiate ourself by our ability to execute and the completeness of our robust, industrial grade solutions that empower its customers to convert data into information to make bold fact based decisions.

Using a PoC driven approach, our consultants apply the “kaizen” principles to deliver lean, robust, operable industrial strength solutions eliminating “muda” for our clients. The company motto: If it doesn’t add value – why do it? We stick to the age old adage of keeping it simple - using our expertise to de-construct complex business situations (problems) into simple and reliable solutions that are easy to build and operate.

Our work ethics and relationships is build on the following three simple core principles
-For its valued clients: To provide its customers the best service for their success
-For the society: To be a positive contributor by supporting the social charter
-For its valued employees: To ensure they achieve their personal goals and company goals

We see and measures our successes on the above three dimensions.

Social Charter

The company believes in being a responsible corporate citizen with a socially conscious view. It aims to have a positive impact in the communities it works in, while at the same time improving it. The following are the positive ways in which Hoonar makes its contribution to society:

  • Actively promote & give suitable opportunities to all persons without any bias.
  • Be a green firm by eliminating sources of environmental waste from its offices.
  • To promote education for socially disadvantaged children.