Hoonar Tekwurks Consulting LLP Privacy Policy

Hoonar Tekwurks Consulting LLP (Hereafter referred as HoonarTek) and its subsidiaries value the privacy of visitors to our website. The visitors who may be our customers, prospects or partners have a right to know the type of data that is collected by us as they visit our site so that they can understand what data is collected, how it is used and if anything is shared with anyone else. The list below makes it explicit.

  1. HoonarTek does not under any circumstance sells any data collected from its website to any third party.
  2. This policy only applies to the pages that display this notice.
  3. The data collected by HoonarTek about your browser, OS, version, IP address, is only used for suitably displaying the website properly and improving it.
  4. Any link embedded in the pages of HoonarTek website that takes you to third-party websites is then governed by their policies and process.
  5. HoonarTek undertakes all reasonable precautions to protect the information supplied by you as you visit our website however it hereby explicitly declares that does not take any responsibility of any damages caused by your visit to this site to your systems, data or anything else.
  6. HoonarTek will only use the data supplied in the contact form for the purpose specified by you or asking another party to contact you based on its judgment formed on the basis of its responses or for improvement of the quality of the website. Under no circumstance will it sell to third-party marketeers.
  7. HoonarTek does not in way obligate you to provide any information on our website should you chose not to. However in such cases HoonarTek reserves the right to reserve access to any resources on the website that would be only disclosed if this information available.
  8. HoonarTek may use the information supplied by you for recruitment and business solicitation in case you have indicated such an interest on our website while browsing and responding.
  9. If you need any further clarifications on this policy please feel free to us using the appropriate details in the contact us section.

HoonarTek reserves the right to alter this privacy policy at anytime with no obligations whatever to notify anyone.