Environment & Infrastructure

The data processing applications have to exist in the ecosystem of infrastructure and other enterprise software like scheduler, enterprise service bus and databases. Additionaly the data integration applications have to fit in with the other notable enterprise standards of corporate security model, business practices and organization, network and service delivery model. These individual but inter related components combined together - make the "environment". The data architecture deployment depends on the capability and robustness of the infrastructure fabric. In todays virtualized landscape running LINUX, UNIX, Windows or on Mainframe it requires a fine tuned environment to unlock the potential of the tool. A maturity of vision, wide and deep knowledge with pragmatic thought process is needed to bring together this disparate, but related elements together for a optimal processing platform. Hoonar using its experience and knowledge of application and software development for data integration is able to define this complex intersection for an optimal solution. The environment expertize of Hoonar helps clients undertake:

  • Infrastructure Rationalization and Optimization.
  • Performance monitoring and forecasting with capacity planning.
  • Alignment of service delivery, infrastructure and technical architecture for various tiers of service.
  • Deploying of a heterogeneous environment over a virtual infrastructure.
  • Designing and Deploying High Availability and Disaster Recovery compliant application and infrastructure.
  • Remediation to consolidate bespoke environments and software, application upgrades.