Legacy Modernization & Data Migration

Mature companies have a significant set of core operational and reporting systems that run on legacy platforms and technology such as COBOL on Mainframe, PL/SQL, proprietary languages or other data integration software - ETL tools which have outlived their useful design life. Some of this legacy is home grown and some acquired as a result of product portfolio refresh, acquistions and mergers. These legacy applications and tools are embedded into the company DNA and process requiring a surgical approach and precision to analyze and understand the interdependency at both application and business level. This exposes the companies to challenges of cost, flexibility and risks of being out of support. Added together, the business is burdened with high maintenance - opex and change costs - capex, slow speed to market and often running behind competitor in product offerings. Using accelerators and working with product engineers of vendor can help you overcome all this using a combination of re hosting and re-engineering your applications. Coupled with regression testing accelerators it offers a tremendous boost to reduce the complexity and time of undertaking such initiatives. If companies chose to modernize by implementation of new off the shelf solutions or new platform, Hoonar offers its data and application migration components for metadata and data migration based on semi automated - data and rules discovery. Hoonar also as part of migration works to improve the data quality using data profiling for data analysis. Each of this is offered with a complete design solutions and process wrap around to do it repetitively. Of course this comes with complete audit-ability and reconciliation to satisfy most compliance needs. This allows IT to rapidly deliver a low cost and modern platform with minimal inconvenience to users. What ever your motivation to move off risky and expensive legacy platform our comprehensive legacy modernization and migration solutions with a transparent estimation, planning, execution and operational deployment solutions offers a holistic way to achieve it.