Enterprise Data & Metadata Hubs

A critical information architecture component and enabler of enterprise architecture is the enterprise data layer supported by complete business, technical and operational metadata. At a virtual level the enterprise data layer brings a consistent view of core enterprise data - transactional, master and reference from internal and external sources and system of records (SOR)and exposes it to any downstream user to cover a gamut of needs. It provides the foundation and architectural concept to enable data warehousing, analytics, optimization, reconciliation, MDM, operational integration, real-time access and archiving. Hoonar takes a data hub approach to provide the enterprise data layer with integrated metadata and an administration framework. It offers complete upstream and downstream lineages to understand data provenance, business metadata, security model and integration with repository to offer audit, balance and reconciliation. This allows applications to share data with each other at design and run time based on metadata. This reuse fundamentally makes the enterprise move to an "one-to-many" data flow rather than the "all-to-all" data flow. This infinitely simplifies the cost of developing and running applications in additions to a consistency in the usage of data based on consistent set of rules. It supports pragmatic phased deployment starting with with a selected scope and expand to other source and target systems across various formats of data like databases (relational, hierarchical), files (VSAM, GDG, FLAT), Queues, CSV and even proprietary formats. Obviously, it is driven by metadata which is fully exposed for design and run time discovery and consumption.

A enterprise data hub solution also acts as the enabler to the data obfuscation and data quality capability in the company as it exposes the source system data in a consistent manner. This capability is used to provision data for numerous uses both inside and outside the enterprise. Using inline data quality approach with a data obfuscation harness it provides a foundation on which the companies can go about with the exploitation of its data. With the metadata integration, bringing in data models, product models, mapping documents, application documentation, tool repositories and unstructured text it becomes a tool for enterprise data and quality governance. Hoonar pragmatic approach to couple the data hub with the metadata hub offers a holistic solution to fully unlock the value in enterprise data. This combined with the compressed data storage / ICFF and queryable files offers an order of magnitude cost savings and performance improvements. Hoonar solutions provide for the provisioning of both data and metadata hub independently or integrated with each other as needed by businesses.