Frameworks, Patterns & Reusable Components

At the core of a robust IT solution lies the ability to understand the real world practical business ask and to bring it together with the platform best practices. Hoonar using its innovative yet practical approach addresses a wide variety of problems by helping clients deploy frameworks. These frameworks are built to address the most common recurring business problems and patterns. They offer agility, savings, consistency and reuse leading to savings across development, testing and service delivery. The frame work reduce the build work to configuration work and help "productize" an application. They are deployed using technical components that offer agile accelerators to customers. The foundation blocks of this come in the form of the library core components which are brought together to offer a generic functionality and operational process to use it. The consultant work to institutionalize this at the client place adapting it to site specific considerations like security model, data architecture and service delivery model. These frameworks are offered as design concepts and complementing the vendor supplied building blocks, templates and solutions. Each framework, which is extendible comes with a hooks to be custom fitted into client service delivery and development paradigm with standard features of audit, reconciliation, balancing, security and high performance. This also incorporates complete visibility to business, technical and operational metadata. Here is a partial list of frameworks and process that Hoonar can help you with:

  • Data homogenization and conformance for the purpose of risk analytics, data exploration and statistical modeling.
  • Source and Target agnostic Enterprise data layer aka Enterprise data and metadata hub
  • Service Oriented data integration and integration with enterprise service bus
  • Real Time, Near Real time and micro batch data integration
  • Metadata integration for repository, governance and knowledge portals
  • Data Quality, Profiling and Obfuscation
  • Legacy Data and application migration
  • High Availability, Mission Critical Applications
  • Framework for data warehousing and marts, based on industry reference models
  • Integrated Master and Reference Data Management
  • Unstructured data management

Hoonar promotes the use of vendor build frameworks by understanding its deployment model and adapting it to specific needs. Using a partnership approach it also custom builds frameworks to solve challenges unique to its customers to achieve all possible levels of reuse - data, metadata, components, application, environment and obviously the patterns themselves.