Accurate and timely decisions are the foundation of today’s successful businesses. Smart businesses make fact-based informed decisions all the time to maintain their leadership and market supremacy. The internal data produced by the enterprise, intelligently combined with external data provides information that guides management to make knowledge based insightful decisions. Hoonar focuses on helping businesses swiftly process all their data and present predictive information for decision making.


Hoonar is a specialized consultancy in "Business Analytics and Optimization" domain, primarily focusing on the discipline of structured and unstructured data integration. Hoonar through its knowledge, innovation and business focused solutions for data warehousing, data integration, traditional ETL, operational systems, real time data processing, modernization, big data and masking (depersonalizing data) is empowering businesses to make swift and insightful decisions every time. Integration between disparate systems ensures data is compatible, coherent and reusable. Hoonar helps enterprises leverage enterprise tools for the integration of data and improving the quality of information.